When you’re looking at used fishing boats, you need to be armed with the right information. We can help!

With summer boating season just around the corner, if you’ve been looking at used fishing boats, it’s important to know what information you need to make the best choice.

A new-to-you fishing boat is often the best choice for anglers and boat enthusiasts of all ranges of boating experience. You want the right vessel for your needs. And you’ll find that the variety of used fishing boats listed offers up just about anything for anybody. But to find the best make and model for you, while saving a ton of money over buying new, you need to know what information to look for.

1. What are the engine hours?

The mileage is one of the first pieces of information you ask for when you are buying a vehicle. Similarly, you want to know the distance a boat has travelled before purchasing. When purchasing any boat, you will want to ask the seller about engine hours rather than mileage.

Typically, a vessel gets used only seasonally on average – approximately 50 hours per season.

Additionally, you compare the engine hours to the age of the boat. And how has the previous owner cared for the boat? If the vessel is well cared for with detailed maintenance logs, you don’t necessarily have to avoid a used boat that has a lot of engine hours.

However, the more used the watercraft, the more likely it could experience issues. If you’re an experienced or new owner, it’s probably better to avoid used fishing boats with high engine hours.

2. Always look at the maintenance logs

Rule out any used fishing boats that you suspect have not been well maintained. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to get enticed by the price first and then the condition of the vessel. To ensure that the boat has been cared for properly, the owner should be able to produce comprehensive maintenance logs.

You should also be able to verify those logs with corresponding maintenance – parts and service – receipts and records.

Engine hours will be part of the record keeping. But, you also want to confirm that things like oil, spark plugs, and any other parts that are replaceable have been changed regularly. If the information can’t be verified, you can’t know if there is undue wear and tear on the engine components.

3. Identify the wear and tear

It’s critical that you resist taking any used fishing boat for sale at face value. Take it out of the water and get underneath. Inspect the hull for any damage, beyond just the typical wear and tear. The hull of any used vessel is never going to be pristine, but check for anything more serious such as gouges and cracks that indicate negligent care and operating. What might look passable now could become a leak later – while out on the water – requiring possible rescue if you’re too far from the shore.

Did you know? A fiberglass hulls that’s been damaged due to negligent operation can potentially delaminate at high speeds. It can literally fall apart around you, excited to test the speed of your new-to-you vessel, when you open up the throttle for the first time. If you enjoy a DIY project, you can repair delaminated fibreglass, but you want to be aware of the problem before you purchase.

An ounce of prevention…

…and education, can help you avoid costly pitfalls. With your research and inspection complete, all that’s left is to make the purchase! And get excited about enjoying this summer on the water!

If you’re looking for used fishing boats, we don’t want to overwhelm you with the potential problems you might encounter in your search. You’ll find a lot of options on the market, we just want you to know exactly what to look for so you make the best choice for you. And save money in the long run! With a little homework, you can find the perfect watercraft for you and your family that you’ll enjoy for years and years.

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