The best Kootenay boat service can repower any boat! A recent Yamaha 150 repower on a beautiful houseboat!

Every boat owner wants the best in performance, no matter the kind of boat. If you already have a great boat or if you’ve found a great deal on another, you may want a Kootenay boat service to simply repower it.

The fact is, engines don’t last forever. And, really, who doesn’t want all the capacity and features a repower offers. As a Kootenay boat service, selling and servicing boats throughout the region and beyond, we know all the options available to recommend the best engines to repower your beloved vessel. And we can do the work!

Having fun with a Yamaha 150 repower!

We love the Yamaha 150 – one of the best 4 cylinder four strokes on the market. Certainly, there’s the lightness and performance of the older 2 strokes, but this engine has more torque and is way more efficient. While slightly heavier, with this engine you can run slightly less power and get quite close to the performance of of the direct injection two strokes.

If you have a performance boat with a single engine or perhaps a midsize twin, consider the range of options available.

It’s a strong, powerful motor that is quiet, not too heavy, and environmentally responsive. With four valves per cylinder to maximize combustion efficiency, it offers outstanding performance and great acceleration. And, the 10mm offset crankshaft allows for increased intake volume.

We had fun bringing in the excavator to help mount the Yamaha 150 repower – check it out below!

The Yamaha 150 we’re repowering this Nelson, BC houseboat has an acceptable 2:1 gear ratio and, in performance tests, does better than older 150 two stroke engines. And, bonus: it’s well under 500 Lbs!

So, if you want to repower your boat and the vessel is light and fast enough, a 150 like this is a great option! You might not break any speed records, but you’ll run all day and enjoy terrific performance.

If you’re looking for the best in Kootenay boat service and parts, Jones Boys Boats provides superior quality and service. Questions? CONTACT US!