We offer unparalleled luxury and thrilling adventures with our pontoon boat rentals on Kootenay Lake. Fabulous memories on the water await!

Unleash your spirit of adventure and indulge in unrivalled luxury with our superior pontoon boat rentals on Kootenay Lake. At Jones Boys Boats, we offer an array of rental options. We feature world-class vessels, ensuring your journey on the lake is nothing short of exceptional.

Sanpan TriToon Boats: redefining luxury on water

Sanpan TriToon boats redefine the meaning of luxury with their innovative design and sophisticated amenities. Our largest rental, the Sanpan holds the most people. The boat is 23′ long and can carry 14 passengers. Powered by a 150hp outboard, combined with the triple-hull design, enjoy enhanced stability and performance. This boat is perfect for long, leisurely explorations or exciting water sports.

Inside, you’ll find ultra-comfortable seating, a cutting-edge entertainment system, and a fully-equipped helm station that turns each voyage into a memorable escapade. With the Sanpan TriToon, every journey on Kootenay Lake is a showcase of style, comfort, and sheer enjoyment.

The unrivalled elegance of G3 SunCatcher pontoon boats

The G3 SunCatcher Pontoon Boat offers a seamless fusion of luxury and performance. Its spacious, plush interiors, coupled with a state-of-the-art helm, provide an unparalleled sailing experience. With space for up to 11 passengers, every journey on the SunCatcher is a luxurious one. Make it a day spent in the sun or a tranquil evening under the stars.

The boat offers 22′ of usable space. Powering this boat is an eco-friendly, a fuel injected, efficient Yamaha 115HP fourstroke motor, the SunCatcher offers you the freedom to traverse the breadth of Kootenay Lake. Whether you’re a passionate angler, a thrill-seeker, or a nature enthusiast, the SunCatcher caters to your desires, ensuring every adventure is unique and unforgettable.

Pontoon boat rentals on Kootenay Lake with Jones Boys Boats

Situated amidst the mesmerizing natural beauty of British Columbia, Kootenay Lake is a paradise waiting for you to explore it! With Jones Boys Boats’ diverse rental options, your exploration of this majestic lake becomes a tale of luxury and adventure.

We offer flexible rental plans to match your schedule, with hourly, half-day, and full-day rentals available for both Sanpan TriToon and G3 SunCatcher Pontoon boats. Our dedicated team ensures that your rental process is smooth and straightforward, allowing you more time to enjoy the beauty of Kootenay Lake.

Unmatched adventure with SunCatcher and Sanpan

Known for their luxury, the G3 SunCatcher Pontoon and Sanpan TriToon boats are equally suited for adrenaline-fueled fun. Their robust design and powerful engines make them perfect for a variety of water sports. Whether you’re into wakeboarding, water-skiing, or simply exploring the lake at a leisurely pace, these boats guarantee a thrilling experience.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of luxury and fun on Kootenay Lake with G3 SunCatcher Pontoon and Sanpan TriToon boats. With the diverse rental options at Jones Boys Boats, you have the freedom to tailor your lake adventure according to your wishes.

Enchantment awaits! Take in the breathtaking landscapes of Kootenay Lake, feel the thrill of water sports, and immerse yourself in the lap of luxury aboard the G3 SunCatcher and Sanpan TriToon boats. It’s not just a journey; it’s the experience of a lifetime!