All-purpose board made for beginners and pros alike

Ideal for any water and riding conditions

Designed with layers of glass and carbon fiber for a high-end feel

Speed up to 56 km/h

Range up to 45 min


It’s easy to customize our jetboards to your own needs and preferences. Learn more about the Freeride’s hull construction and fin configurations options below, and find the perfect board for your experience level, size, and style.

Our original Limited Hull Technology (LTD) consists of several layers of glass and carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish. While that makes the board more sensitive to wear and tear, it also provides it with a more elevated look.

LTD Hulls are handcrafted according to years of board-making experience. The core of the board is precision molded in an industrial fashion, and then the various layers are added by hand. The final layer is fixed and formed into shape by a vacuum, before the paint and graphics are added on manually.

Fins provide you with control as you shift weight, steer the board, and turn. The twin fin setup is available on our Freeride and Carve Models. All fin boxes are made with FCS-II Standard Fins. You can order different sized FCS-II Fins from your local surf shop or any online retailer to further customize the stability of your board.

Basic Info

Model: Freeride
Manufacturer: Radinn
Status: New

Features & Details

Location: Kootenay Lake

Engine Specs

Engine Type: Electric

Financing & Warranty

Financing: Yes
Warranty: Manufacturer

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