Radinn Electric Surf Boards

Jones Boys is excited to be a new dealer of Radinn Electric Surf Boards, innovated in Sweden.
These electric surfboards come in 3 different styles for you to choose from depending on what you are looking for.
As we know, surfing in the Kootenays hasn’t been possible in the past, but with Radinn boards, waves are no longer necessary; you can surf anywhere!

Agile | Responsive | High-performing

Our most agile board, perfect for a responsive feel and high-performance ride.

The Radinn Carve offers a unique feel due to its lighter design, lower buoyancy, and jumping capabilities. It’s a blast to learn how to ride, with a responsive shape and raised kickpad. It’s designed to carve through water and delivers on those deep, ultra-controlled turns.

X – S P O R T
Durable | Stable | Versatile

Our most durable board, perfect for a stable feel and versatile ride.

The X-Sport is our most durable model. It’s ultra-resistant hull technology – which originates from windsurf boards and extreme-kayak production – was developed to handle rough conditions and heavy usage. Like it’s forebearer the Freeride, the X-Sport still maintains an innovative, hydrodynamic design and has four fin boxes under the hull instead of the standard two for added customizability. It has been extensively tested and approved for rental purposes.

Sleek | Smooth | Premium

Our sleekest board, perfect for a premium feel and ultra-smooth ride.

The Freeride is our premium model. It has the same silhouette as the X-Sport and holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, but offers a higher-end feel with layers of glass and carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish. This model has an innovative hull adapted to slice through waves and choppy waters, as well as features that direct the spray of water down when you are turning, resulting in gained thrust.

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